Images of our equipment

BT 200 big button phone corded telephone. Hands Free and hearing aid compatible with extra 30 decibel volume.


Phone plus telephone. Battery operated and connects between the base unit and handset of most corded telephones. It is used to increase the volume of calls and has tone control.


The Doro Magna 4000 is Fully hearing aid compatible with your loop function. It has up to 90dB ringer volume and also has up to 60dB handset volume, large buttons for easy use and an adjustable tone.


This doorbell has 300m transmission distance, choice of 16 different melodies, options to sound chime or flash and includes a low battery indicator.

Echo chime doorbell

This telephone ringer gives out an audible alert if you are having problems hearing your telephone ring. It has 4 different pitch settings and a volume control and can also be plugged into a spare telephone socket.

Telephone ringer thing

Plugs into devices which have a 3.5mm audio jack.


This phone has lots of easy to use features

BT 6500

Blocks up to 100% of nuisance calls. Has the ability to auto copy contacts between handsets. Has a 60 minute answer machine record time and hands free speaker and uses Truecall - call blocking technology.


Alerts a user by vibrating, by audible alarm, and by flashing light and has an audible alarm duration of 4 minutes. It also shows the time on its screen.


So that you can listen to your TV with your T switch hearing aid.

Loop System LA215

It is a Standard Room Loop with an Easy Setup which is very reliable and offers excellent amplification.


This phone has big buttons on it for easy typing and it has very clear sound so anyone can understand the person on the phone easily.

geemarc CL400 Clearsound

If it's hearing on the phone that you have difficulty with, a relay assistant will type what the other person is saying so that you can read it on this textphone. And if you have difficulty speaking on the phone, a relay assistant will speak the words you type, so the other person can hear your words in real time.

geemarc ClearText Clearsound

Extra loud, big-buttoned telephone with programmable photo buttons and an optical alarm.

Hearing aid compatible and super loud, with an amplified ringer volume of up to 90dB. The receiver volume has a maximum adjustable volume of 40dB and a tone control facility


High-definition audio and Global frequency standard - Domino uses the 2.4GHz global frequency standard. This means you can use your Domino system worldwide and it is easy to connect.

Domino Hearing System

This piece of equipment blows air into a hearing aid to get rid of the condensation in them


Try before you buy on all equipment and you can try them out at home for two weeks. We have more stock on premises.