These are the rooms you can hire per/hour.
Go to Contact Us for the contact details. If you want to hire a room at Communic8te.

Mitchell Room

Mitchell room_001
Mitchell room_002
Mitchell room_004
Mitchell room_005
Mitchell room_006

£12 Per/Hour
Room size is: 6.5m by 4.5m or the extended room with sliding doors in the Mitchell Room is 3.3m by 4.5m.

Wallwork Room

Wallwork room_001
Wallwork room_002
Wallwork room_003

£12 Per/Hour
Room size is: 6.6m by 6.7m.

Butters Room

Butters room_001
Butters room_002
Butters room_003

Room size is: 3.5m by 3.5m

This room is not available for rental. However, if you would like to use this room please contact us using the email on the Contact Us page. This room is rental on an annual lease. The room is fully furnished.

IT Room

IT room_004
IT room_005
IT room_001

Contact Us for room hire charges.
Room size is: 4.2m by 4.4m

There are 9 pcs in the IT Room